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Enhancing ROI with IoT in CRE | Ron Rock | Microshare

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we interview Ron Rock. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Microshare, a data management and IoT platform serving commercial real estate.

In our conversation, we’ll get into the importance of technology for ESG and sustainability, the emergence of the digital ‘twinning’ of everything in our lives, and how tech can improve the efficient utilization of resources in the management and maintenance of our properties.

We’ll also touch on the value of high-quality thought leadership content supported by a concerted marketing effort, how choreographed PR is well worth the expense, and the importance of a team that can deliver when you’re not there.

Let’s get started.

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RE EXEC Tl | Stacey Cohen

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we’ll chat with Stacey Cohen. She’s the CEO and Founder of CoCommunications, a New York-based PR firm.

In our conversation, we’ll uncover why PR is the most powerful branding tool for CRE firms, how strategic partnerships between competitors — or ‘Co-opetition’ — create value for everyone, and why personal branding and digital citizenship are crucial for young adults as they enter the professional environment.

We’ll also get into why we can’t let Google shape our brands, the value of an integrative approach, the benefits of newswire distribution, and how to create compelling pitches that get the attention of journalists.

Let’s get started!

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Commercial Real Estate Copywriter

In this guest appearance on Shannon Robnett’s Real Estate Run Down, Kirky and Shannon discuss inbound marketing strategies in today’s real estate world and how commercial real estate will experience one of the largest shifts in the industry.

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Automated Lease Abstraction | Robert Hultslander | DealSumm

For this episode of RE EXEC TL, we interview Robert Hultslander.

He’s the VP of Sales, North America, at DealSumm, a Silicon Valley-based software-as-a-service provider of AI-powered automated lease abstraction services to the commercial real estate industry.

In our conversation, we’ll talk about the increasing adoption of technology in CRE and the efficiencies and synergies it creates for the industry.

We’ll also touch on the best strategies to connect with CRE prospects and why a good website is the most effective tool for lead generation.

Let’s get started!

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Kirky on Speaking of Wealth, Real estate copywriter interview

Kirky Galt, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Creative Real Estate Copy, and Host of Real Estate Thought Leadership Podcast, joins Jason Hartman, discussing marketing tactics in real estate. As well, how will developers reshape commercial real estate for the ever-growing need for real estate? Kirky iterates time and again to generate value in your content.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] There have been many concerns about commercial space, but many are looking into converting it to residential.

[3:00] More than likely, we will see more infill developments rather than new construction.

[5:40] What kind of alternate uses can we expect to see with shopping malls?

[8:45] Companies should take this downtime in business to focus on marketing techniques such as podcasting.

[10:00] Content length has gotten shorter, but valuable content still has strengths, specifically white-paper.

[12:20] How has the PR world change, and what’s working nowadays?


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