RE EXEC TL Episode 3 | Daniel Burstein

In Episode Three, we interview Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Content and Marketing at the MECLABS Institute – a Jacksonville-based marketing research firm that publishes educational and professional development content for marketing executives via the MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments Brands.

We’ll learn how content has the power to tell a story that moves clients to make the buying decision. To paraphrase Daniel: “Buyers make decisions based on gut, and backfill with logic.”

He breaks down MECLABS’ conversion heuristic that predicts the likelihood of conversions based on five factors. We explore the application of the heuristic with Software as a Service (SaaS) in the commercial real estate industry as an example.

During the discussion, we get into Daniel’s background in marketing research, why he thinks there’s a parallel between comedy and marketing, and how we should focus on thought ‘servantship’ rather than ‘leadership.’

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Commercial Real Estate Finance SVP Interview

In Episode Two, we talk with Zachary Streit, Senior Vice President at George Smith Partners, a Commercial Real Estate Capital Advisory Firm based in Los Angeles.

He’s going to share his story of getting started in commercial real estate finance and how he and his team are continuing to close deals despite the economic trend.

We’ll talk about COVID’s impact on the capital markets, what asset classes and geographies are most attractive, and how to nurture relationships with sponsors and capital partners.

We’ll also get into professional development, managing stress, leadership, marketing strategy, and how to thrive in any market.

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For episode one, we’ll interview Danielle Garofalo, Chief Business Development Officer of CORE Real Estate.

She’s going to share her story of getting started in marketing at Disney and subsequently rising to an executive position at New York’s leading luxury real estate firm. We’ll talk about emerging trends, transformative leadership, marketing strategy, tracking results, and more.

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