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Breaking Out Of A Middle-Class Mindset | Charlie Hardage

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we chat with Charlie Hardage, Co-founder of H&K Investment Group. Charlie discusses transitioning from military and IT sales to real estate, embracing risks, and investing in multifamily properties. He highlights tailoring strategies to investor needs, the significance of communication, and navigating challenges in a volatile market. Join us […]

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Brand Growth Through Relationships & Results | Jake Ammon, CCIM | ACREI

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we talk with Jake Ammon, CCIM, Vice President of Addison Commercial Real Estate in Jacksonville, FL. In the interview, we learn about his background in the military and the transition to a career in CRE investment sales, the importance of relationships and personal contact, and why it’s crucial […]

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Commercial Real Estate Podcast

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we speak with Arthur Zankowicz, the CEO and Founder of Daylun, a sustainable materials and construction startup. In the conversation, we’ll talk about his background in film and fashion and how it brought him to sustainable materials development and net-zero construction. We’ll also dig into the advantages of […]

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Attracting Investors via Social Media and a Unique Offering | Kevin Bull | InvesTechs

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we speak with Kevin Bull, Co-Founder of InvesTechs, a digital marketing firm serving commercial real estate sponsors that leverages the power of social media to attract investors. In the conversation, we address how he evolved his company alongside the rise of online fundraising, driving accredited investors through your […]

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Enhancing ROI with IoT in CRE | Ron Rock | Microshare

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we interview Ron Rock. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Microshare, a data management and IoT platform serving commercial real estate. In our conversation, we’ll get into the importance of technology for ESG and sustainability, the emergence of the digital ‘twinning’ of everything in our lives, and how […]

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RE EXEC Tl | Stacey Cohen

 In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we’ll chat with Stacey Cohen. She’s the CEO and Founder of CoCommunications, a New York-based PR firm. In our conversation, we’ll uncover why PR is the most powerful branding tool for CRE firms, how strategic partnerships between competitors — or ‘Co-opetition’ — create value for everyone, and […]

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Shannon Robnett | New Construction and Development

 In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we interview Shannon Robnett, Founder of Shannon Robnett Industries, a Boise, Idaho-based commercial and residential construction and development firm.We’ll touch on creating balance in your personal and professional life, the advantages of new construction over value-add, why focusing on one geographic market may be all you need, […]

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Automated Lease Abstraction | Robert Hultslander | DealSumm

 For this episode of RE EXEC TL, we interview Robert Hultslander. He’s the VP of Sales, North America, at DealSumm, a Silicon Valley-based software-as-a-service provider of AI-powered automated lease abstraction services to the commercial real estate industry. In our conversation, we’ll talk about the increasing adoption of technology in CRE and the efficiencies and […]

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Disruption and Innovation Through Green Technologies | Leveraging Tech in CRE Brokerage | James Prendamano

In episode 13, we interview James Prendamano, CEO of Casandra Properties, a Staten Island-based commercial and residential real estate firm that leads the local market in volume and technological innovation. James is also the host of the Casandra Properties Podcast. In our conversation, we’ll get into the disruption and opportunities created by green technology, the […]

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AR/VR Visual Storytelling in Commercial Real Estate | Improve the Client Experience with Technology

In Episode 12, we interview Matt Foliart. He’s the founder of Atrium Visual, a San Francisco-based augmented reality and virtual reality design firm serving the Commercial Real Estate Industry. We’ll touch on how to create an engaging experience and tell visual stories remotely, how to streamline the process of buyer and tenant touring and decision […]

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Infill Industrial Development | Sean Dalfen

For Episode 11, we speak with Sean Dalfen. He’s the President and Chief Investment Officer of Dalfen Industrial, a leading Dallas-based last-mile industrial development and investment firm. Sean will share with us why infill industrial developments are a critical component of the supply chain and an asset class with universal demand drivers. We’ll talk about […]

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RE EXEC TL | Kevin Bupp | Mobile home park investing

In Episode 10, we interview Kevin Bupp. He’s the CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors, a Clearwater, FL-Based private commercial real estate investment firm that focuses on value-add manufactured home communities and parking assets. Kevin is also the host of the top-rated Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast. We talk about how to build a […]

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Interview with Nell Lanman

In episode 9, we speak with Nell Lanman. She’s the Head of Marketing at SquareFoot, a New York, NY-based commercial real estate listing and leasing marketplace specializing in office space with flexible lease structures. We’ll get into the importance of balancing inbound marketing with paid and organic search, the trend toward flexible lease terms, how […]

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RE EXEC TL interview with Jason Hartman

In this episode of RE EXEC TL, we interview Jason Hartman. He’s the president of the Hartman Media Company. Jason is a noted public speaker, media personality, investor, podcaster, and an advocate of education for real estate investors. In the interview, we talk about how leverage enables you to accomplish bigger things, the urban migration […]

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Daniel Ramsey, CEO and Co-Founder of MyOutDesk

In Episode 7, we talk with Daniel Ramsey. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of MyOutDesk, a Sacramento-based business process services company that pairs busy real estate professionals with skilled virtual assistants. We get into how brokers can build a culture remotely, develop systems, position their brands, and scale their businesses. If you enjoy the show, […]

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Real Estate Executive Thought Leadership Podcast | Michael Yates

For Episode 6, we’ll talk with Michael Yates. He’s the VP of Marketing at Virtuance, a Denver-based real estate photography and visual marketing firm. We’ll discuss how startups can position their brand, scale growth, and build in-house marketing teams. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, share, and leave a review to spread the word. […]

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Real Estate Executive Thought Leadership Podcast | Inna Shevchenko

In Episode 5, we interview Inna Shevchenko, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at iGMS, a Vancouver-based SaaS firm serving the vacation rental industry. We get into how marketing is a science, iGMS’s philosophy that decisions should always be backed by objective data, early-stage growth strategies, and the advantages of remote working for teams. If […]

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RE Exec TL Interview with John Bodrozic

In Episode 4, we speak with John Bodrozic. He’s the Co-Founder of HomeZada, a SaaS firm that serves homeowners and the industry stakeholders that work with them. We’ll talk about executive management, entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, and how to leverage partnerships with other professionals and firms in your industry. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, […]

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RE EXEC TL Episode 3 | Daniel Burstein

In Episode Three, we interview Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Content and Marketing at the MECLABS Institute – a Jacksonville-based marketing research firm that publishes educational and professional development content for marketing executives via the MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments Brands. We’ll learn how content has the power to tell a story that moves clients to make […]

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Commercial Real Estate Finance SVP Interview

In Episode Two, we talk with Zachary Streit, Senior Vice President at George Smith Partners, a Commercial Real Estate Capital Advisory Firm based in Los Angeles. He’s going to share his story of getting started in commercial real estate finance and how he and his team are continuing to close deals despite the economic trend. […]

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For episode one, we’ll interview Danielle Garofalo, Chief Business Development Officer of CORE Real Estate. She’s going to share her story of getting started in marketing at Disney and subsequently rising to an executive position at New York’s leading luxury real estate firm. We’ll talk about emerging trends, transformative leadership, marketing strategy, tracking results, and […]

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A brisk podcast featuring entertaining, insightful, and informative interviews with thought leaders in executive management in the commercial real estate industry.

Exploring topics and perspectives regarding:

  • Industry regulation: environmental, financial, and monetary policy.
  • Economic and social trends leading to where we’re at and the outlook on where we’re headed in the 2020s.
  • Paths to executive success in strategic management in the commercial real estate industry.
  • Inspirational stories and spoken case studies (executive background and successful campaigns).
  • What marketing channels are proving most effective in targeting and converting commercial real estate business, consumer, and investment prospects.
  • Strategies to build a rooted brand position and compelling unique value proposition.
  • and much more value-add content for commercial real estate executives on the go.

If you’d like more information or to be considered as a guest, please call, email, or connect.