Going the Extra Mile

[00:00:00] What does it mean to go the ‘Extra Mile?’

This is something that I’ve always followed in my business.

Something I learned from Napoleon Hill.

Going the extra mile means putting in more effort than what you get paid for.

What it really comes down to is generating more value than your client expects.

What does this do for you?

[00:00:15] It helps build your brand.

It generates goodwill with your prospects… with your clients.

When you are willing to give more than you get, you’re also building trust, and trust is a crucial element in building that long-term relationship that’s going to allow you to push forward with your clients and maintain [00:00:30] that relationship and grow it and get those referrals that you need to build your business cost-effectively.

Another great thing about going the extra mile is it generates increasing returns, whereas a lot of marketing activities generate linear returns, in other words, you only get out what you put in.

Now, inbound content and thought leadership are some of those strategies that generate increasing returns, but as an underlying business strategy, almost an ethical driver of what you do with your business and your clients is going the extra mile and delivering greater value than is expected.

It comes down to the old saying: “Under Promise, Over Deliver.”

[00:01:01] So how can you go the extra mile?

You can deliver the project sooner than expected. You can go a little bit beyond the scope. You can do a better job than they would ever expect that you could do.

Surprise your clients and delight them.

This is true, regardless of industry: it doesn’t matter whether you’re in real estate, finance, art… any industry.

Going the Extra Mile counts.

How has going beyond expectation help you get to where you are?


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