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Sustaining Growth in the Real Estate Industry Despite Recession

If we weren’t certain before about an impending recession, we’re all pretty sure that it’s here now. The COVID-19 crisis and Congress’s response with the prompt passage of the CARES Act have quasi-officially welcomed the recession. What does the recession mean for continued growth in the real estate industry? It’s time for a renewed commitment […]


Real Estate Industry Web Design and SEO Strategies

Effective writing is essential for the success of your real estate industry website; however, you’ll need more than eloquence to attract, retain, and convert prospects to stakeholders. Users expect a friendly experience that offers readability and easy navigation to the information they’re seeking. Additionally, search engines look at your website from a different perspective than […]

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Why Sustainability is Crucial in Your Thought Leadership Content

You can attribute it to many things: tightening environmental regulations, social change, and consumer tastes, but one thing is certain – business and consumer prospects want to see environmentally and socially-conscious messages. But it goes beyond environmental concerns. Sustainability is about human health, social progress, and the physical and financial prosperity of all stakeholders to […]