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Disruption and Innovation Through Green Technologies | Leveraging Tech in CRE Brokerage | James Prendamano

In episode 13, we interview James Prendamano, CEO of Casandra Properties, a Staten Island-based commercial and residential real estate firm that leads the local market in volume and technological innovation. James is also the host of the Casandra Properties Podcast.

In our conversation, we’ll get into the disruption and opportunities created by green technology, the decentralization of real estate and the workforce, how retailers and other companies are utilizing tech to reach consumers in a direct and cost-efficient way, and creating, cultivating, and deploying new technologies.

We’ll also touch on leading by example, environmentally conscious operations, the most effective digital strategies to reach CRE prospects, and harmonizing deal-making, digital assets, tech, consulting, and cost-confinement.

Let’s get started!

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