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Commercial Real Estate Press Release

Join Kirky, CEO and Creative Director of Creative Real Estate Copy, as he shares 7 quick tips to help you get more out of your press release writing and PR efforts.

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[00:00:00] Let’s talk about seven quick tips to improve the response rate and the ROI of your press releases:

Here’s #7: Always include a call-to-action. It can be something simple: “for more information visit:” or “to download our white paper:” or “to request the event details:”

You can also subtly weave in your CTA throughout your press release, without being too explicit and promotional.

[00:00:18]#6. Distribute directly to journalists, targeted journalists in your industry, and also on the newswire. This is going to get you maximum exposure, it’s going to put it in front of targeted journalists, media and your audience, and it’s also going to get you the SEO benefits by putting your press release all over the internet.

It’s going to generate traffic and a track record that your audience and your prospect group will see over time.

[00:00:39]#5. Optimize your press releases and your contributor articles for SEO. What this is going to do, it’s going to help ensure that your audience actually finds your press releases and that journalists, when they’re searching for this type of news, that it’ll show up, and that for users and journalists, it’ll be easier for them to read.

SEO optimization has two benefits: it’s not only the technical, practical benefit of generating more traffic, it’s also that it makes the material easier to consume. When you follow SEO principles, it makes your message clearer, it forces you to, or it prompts you to, make sure that your headings, your titles and that your body is well laid out and that it includes those keywords that immediately grab attention and make it really clear what your topic is about and what the significance is.

[00:01:16]#4. Avoid a promotional tone: keep it journalistic. Nobody wants to hear pitches, and this is true in media as well. It has to be about creating value and telling a story that your audience and that your industry is going to be interested in, and journalists are going to recognize that.

[00:01:29] #3. Focus on economic, social, regulatory, environmental insights. You got to show the context of what you’re talking about and why your message is important. Although it may be important to you that you hired a new staff member or that you’re expanding into a new market, the public is really not going to be that interested.

Somebody may pick up on that, but if you can tie in the relevance: why it’s important, what’s the reason for the growth, what will be the impact? How does it tie into the environment? Are there benefits? Will it help people? Will it help the local economy? So, keep those things in mind and don’t put all the attention on yourself.

[00:02:00] #2. Always address the 5Ws upfront, get those out of the way. Let the audience know What it is you’re talking about, Who it’s about, Where it’s at, When, and most importantly: the Why. So, get right to the important stuff and then address the details in the body of your press release.

[00:02:13]And #1. Utilize PR and writing specialists that know your industry and that understand what journalists and the audience are looking for, what language appeals to them, and how to deliver the results you’re looking for.

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